We help organizations
{use, build, contribute to}
open source geospatial tools

Terranodo LLC is a US based technical consultancy specializing in the development and use of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and technology.
Our offices are located in San Diego, California and we collaborate with a large number of team members around the world.


Core Development

Deployment and Customization

"We take free to mean Liberty"

We are free and open source software (FOSS) solution providers who believe in the power of open source software to fundamentally change the way that organizations deliver digital services for their users. We take free to mean Liberty (free as in freedom) and believe in the enabling power of open source to promote the ideals of local empowerment and building local economies and skill bases. The freedom to view and modify the source code of software means that an organization can use any provider with the necessary skills to adapt the software to their needs.

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